Nigel Bell

Nigel Bell has been in shipbroking since 1976.

Nigel, who is a qualified Naval Architect from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, has been involved, as a shipbroker, in the sale and purchase of a large number of secondhand and newbuilding ships for shipowners over the last 34 years.

BELL SHIPPING LTD is a privately owned United Kingdom based company which was  established in 1996, with the specific objective of serving shipowning and industrial clients worldwide with Shipbroking, Shipping and Ship Finance Consultancy Services.

Bell Shipping operates it's shipbroking activities in association with Messrs Bright Cook & Co, conveniently located in West London. Activities include Sale and Purchase of Secondhand and Newbuilding vessels, Period Chartering and Projects.

Arranging of ship finance with international banks, including refinancing of existing vessels, is available to clients on new projects.