Enhancing Profitability Through Knowledge
17th November 2010, Grand Hyatt Mumbai

In a growing economy, like that of India, power generation and steel production assume tremendous importance, driving in turn a huge demand for import & export of Coal and Steel, both of which commodities are almost entirely transported by sea.

Keeping this fact in mind, Endeavour Creatives Pvt. Ltd. have under the guidance of a widely-recognized Academic Council organized a seminar entitled:

Coal and Steel Shipping
Enhancing Profitability through Knowledge

The subject of coal and steel shipping is of very vital interest to private and public ports, terminals, power generators, steel mills, traders, importers, exporters, ship owners, shippers, coastal & international barge and lightrage operation, shipbrokers, seafarers and many others on the periphery of this trade.

Our seminar is of one-day duration, held at an upmarket venue, and limits delegate numbers to a maximum of 100; this serves very well diverse the needs of our participants.

This seminar is in continuation of over 3 years of serving the industry's knowledge needs.

The Organizers are a highly motivated group of academics and professionals and contribute their efforts for the good cause of spreading professional education for no particular financial reward.