Mr.CK Sharma

Mr.CK  Sharma, a BSc Graduate and MBA from the University of Delhi, has in his career Chartered and Operated every type of Commercial vessel - Small Dry Cargo ships to Capes, Product Tankers to VLCCs, LPG carriers to Ethylene & Chemical Carriers; even in fact a passenger ship. He has worked with The Shipping Corporation of India and Reliance Industries Ltd. where he directly handled Chartering & Operations of Chemical Tankers & Gas Carriers. He is also credited with having started the Commercial Shipping Division at Reliance.

From 1994 to 1996 he was GM & Head of Chartering for Essar Shipping Ltd., controlling over 50 vessels, where he handled Dry Cargo, Tankers and Gas Carriers.

In 1996, Mr. Sharma started the Asian Subsidiary of Norwegian Gas Carriers, at Singapore as "Head of Chartering", followed by a stint as "Commercial Director" in Korasia Shipping Ltd., also at Singapore.

From 2002 to 2005 he was VP (Chartering) at Essar Steel Ltd, Hazira, having overall responsibility for Chartering & post fixtures for 5 million tonnes of cargo for Essar Steel.

2005 onwards Mr. Sharma was the Managing Director of ContiLines Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore, a subsidiary of Conti7 Shipping Group, Belgium.

Presently he is the Managing Director (Shipping) with OPG

Mr. Sharma is a natural team builder and passionate teacher, and has coached many young officers to attain glory in their careers.

Since Feb 2008, Mr. Sharma has been the Academic Advisor to the internationally acclaimed 'Shipping Academic Conferences' under the auspices of Endeavour Creatives.