Auditing Learning Systems (ALS)
Presented by Synergistic Solutions
5th September 2009, Grand Hyatt, Kalina, Mumbai

Maritime Training has come a long way since the TS Dufferin. The increased demands of global trade, types of vessels, accidents and losses have had a deep impact on standards of maritime training worldwide. The noble attempt of STCW 95 amendments to STCW 78 to standardize training may have opened up a lot of avenues for entrepreneurs to open up training institutes, and a huge amount of capital has been invested in India on the infrastructure for Maritime Training.

However there has been inadequate effort as far as building up �transferors of the knowledge, skill and attitudes� are concerned. The Academic council inspections and ISO certification & grading stop at the classroom, and the health and atmosphere in a classroom is not objectively measured.

Since the end user of these training institutes are the industry, any inaccuracies in training and building up competencies result in loss of life, property or damage to the environment as well as irreparable loss to reputations. As the diagram below indicates there is a wide gap between training and competence.

This is a first time initiative taken by SYNERGISTIC SOLUTIONS in effort to contribute to maritime learning.

Synergistic SolutionsTM in association with Endeavour Associates, is pleased to inform you that a unique workshop "Enhancing Competence of Seafarers Towards Economic Voyages" is being organized in Mumbai where we will demonstrate a range of topical issues, delivered by the best maritime and non maritime personnel.

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Capt. Ajay Achuthan
MD,Synergistic Solutions
Eminent Educationist &
Former Principal,
Massa Maritime Academy